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Hooking Fanfiction Author's Up

We're rather bare bones at the moment- since I'm a little pressed for time but wanted to get this up anyhow. Hopefully in the near future my artistic flare with have some breathing room.



I have no idea what it's called or if it's even called something and names are not my niche- don't like it, be productive and come up with something better. If you do happen to recognize it please please please leave it's name and number.
So, joint fiction, is a rather simple activity, you hook up with a bunch of authors, you discuss and decide on (bare minimum):

* A Plot
(Can then also if you are all so inclined agree on a...)
* Genre
* Pairing/s
* Story Length
* Theme's
* Other Characters
* Kinks
* Setting
* Time-Frame
* Style
And so on, as simple or as complicated as you want...

You then go away and write separate story's.
When you post your story you can explain the exercise if you so choose, depending on your readers and where your posting... But you must, post the details you and your group decided upon as well as links to the other story's when they become available.
Now you and your group can make the story 'outline' as basic or as complicated as you want, however the end result will be the same- you have a series of story's which are kind of sort of the same but at the same time, entirely different. Plus it'd be great with rare fandoms and pairings.

And yes I know what your thinking now- 'my god- as if fanfiction wasn't full of 50 million of the same story's already, now someone's encouraging people to actually try'en do it'... Well yes actually and that's the fun part- you have an idea that- no matter how original, has a number of other people writing it- can you still come up with something shocking... interesting, something that even if it's read last will make people go 'oh my fucking god- that's so...'

Come on give it go- post an idea or a pairing you'd be interested in writing... do a drabble with one other peson to test the waters... couldn't kill you right...


All the usual's apply, be polite, no personal attacks, if someone posts an idea you like, don't just snatch it and wonder off, that kind of defeats the purpose of the comm.

Post Story's properly; Heading, warning, disclaimer, rating... details, links... BEHIND CUTS. Oh and also just on a side note, not saying you can't, but as a reader I hate clicking on a cut that leads to a link that leads to another link that leads to a page with 12 story's before the one I was interested in. Also, please Tag were possible, it just makes it easier for everyone.